A national check by the police is an objective summary about an individual’s police past history
information. This governmental service may be used by an individual or organization for
employment-related purposes, licensing and registration requirements, as well as voluntary
work. This process is quite simple and can provide valuable insight into the character and
reliability of an individual.

Employment is perhaps the easiest category to check since national police checks only require
identification (including face / hair) and address. This ensures that organizations accept only
those candidates who are open to working with them. Applying for a teaching job at an
Australian University, for example, requires that you comply with all campus rules and
regulations. You could be fired if you fail to follow the rules and regulations. To be accepted for a
position at an Australian Airport, you will need adhere to airport policies and procedures.

Licensing, the next category in police checks, is relatively straightforward. To be granted a
license, all professions require that potential employees meet certain requirements. These
requirements are meant to protect the public as well as promote professional responsibility. You
will need to complete a background check with Department of Police in order to receive a license
as a teacher or nurse, an architect, lawyer, accountant, or other professional.

Employment-Related Candidates (ERC) are the next set of categories that require a police
check. As a new role, obtaining an ERC entitles you to a three-month grace period during which
time you can arrange a police check (as long as it does not conflict with other relevant criteria).
During this period, it is important to ensure that all Police Safety Conditions are met. These
include making sure you have current Health Insurance. Failure to comply with these
requirements can lead to suspension or fines.

After you have been granted your new position and met all the Police Safety Condition
requirements, you will need to go through a complete police check. You will also have to provide
details of the Police Information and Intelligence Service for each year since your last Police
Check (which is done once a year at your start of employment). These requirements may be
higher for certain positions, such as financial managers and directors. Failure to comply with
these can lead to suspension or dismissal.

As part of criminal history checks on new hires, police checks are often done. Many employers
carry out their own police check before hiring someone. This allows them to be aware of any
convictions they may have. In some cases an HR function may conduct the initial police check,
after which these are then sent to the employer for review and inclusion in the final police check
report. Employers tend to favour candidates who have not had previous Police checks, in
recognition that the process has proved to be effective in preventing inappropriate hiring
practices in the past.

Potential recruits may be subject to police checks. This can reveal sensitive information about
their past such as past convictions for crimes like theft, assault, drug offences, and domestic
violence. It can also reveal any instances of sexual harassment or assault, child abuse, violence
towards other persons. This could include arrests or instances where the candidate has lied
about previous convictions. For this reason it is always advised that Police checks for new job
seekers should be carried out prior to them being offered a job. A thorough police check can
reveal anything, from minor infractions to violent behaviour.

Many Australian states consider the Police force to be one of the most professional and trusted
organisations in the country. This trust is built on the professionalism of the officers and the hard
work they do every day. While the vast majority of Australians feel they can trust the Police force
to provide exceptional and professional services, there will always be those who want to
undermine the good work done by Police officers.

An individual can conduct a Police check online to ensure they are contacting reputable agencies that will not cause them sleepless nights. This means that whether they are a current Police Officer or someone who is considering becoming one, their personal safety is put at complete peace by carrying out a reliable Police check on anyone who may be considering gaining employment within the Australian Police Force